Monday, December 01, 2008


I love the holidays and decorating for the holidays, but I can't seem to get the motivation to get up off my butt to do any decorating.. The only decorating i have done so far, is my blog..

I need some motivation people!!


Lisa said...

If you find some can you pass it around? I need some too. Normally I'm done decorating by now. I have the tree up. Not much else. I have a ton of snowmen in the attic screaming at me to bring them down, but I can't quite do it yet. I've NEVER been this slow. I hope it's not a sign of old age or something.

Sandy said...

My house is all decorated and has been actually for a couple of weeks now :)
It feels so festive and has gotten me into the spirit. I will have to get the rest of my pictures posted.

I also completed my Christmas Shopping today. Now all I have to do is put together three homemade gifts and I am done! WOW...I am three weeks ahead of time. Now I can concentrate on finishing up a couple decorations and cooking for such a wonderful time of the year.

I hope I am convincing you :)))))
There is only three weeks to go. Once you get started you will see you won't be able to stop...LOL

Good Luck...Sandy

Anna Lefler said...

Your blog looks awesome! You're ahead of me - I'm still sittin' here on my butt...

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog today - I really appreciate that! I look forward to reading more of your posts...

Take care -

:^) Anna

Becca Watson said...

Thank you for giving me some motivation!!