Thursday, October 26, 2006

Doctor and new job

So, OK I'm really glad I got this job. So far it has been quite lovely. Its been fun and yeah I am meeting new people. A few I wouldn't mind hanging out with outside of work.. I just hope I'm doing a good job. This always happens when I plan on moving.. I start having a life and making new friends.. Whatev! That's life I guess.. Anyways I go to the doctor again tomorrow for a check up on on my shoulder.. Good thing too, its been hurting pretty good. Guess from all the cleaning and moving around at the new job.. Anyways I should be in bed. Tomorrow is also my first day back at school this week. I had some kind of flu or something that started Monday. I tried to go to work Monday morning, but boss lady told me to go home. She didn't want to catch it.. I meant to go today, but the cold medicine I took last night kicked my ass and I didn't wake up till 2 this afternoon. So anyways I was trying to say goodnight..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yummy Smells

You know what else I miss from Oregon? Cinnabon. OK so I like never really ate there, but the smell is heavenly. And watching them make the cinnamon rolls was cool too. Oh and the pretzel stores.. And coffee shacks on every corner. Yum! I'm hungry now..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to School

Well, first day back to work was very painful! I wore the sling the Dr. gave me just in case one of the kids bumped me in the hallways. Well at lunch time all the kids go to the gym and I was in there with the student I work with. Some of the kids were playing dodge ball. Guess what happened!? I got hit right in the chest by one of those flying balls. It hit me pretty hard.. A few inches to the right and I would be looking at assult charges(cuz I would of kicked whose ever ass it was that threw the damn ball)! I got a bad headache on my right side and some throbbing pains in my chest. The headache is gone, but the pain in my chest still comes and goes.. What a first day back, huh?!

Back Home

OK, well after spending two weeks with davids parents, I am finally back at my place and am going back to work tomorrow. You know how they say there is nothing like coming home after a long time away? Yeah well whoever said that didnt live alone! Its so lonely here.. I miss davids parents already! That and I got woken up by my neighbors blasting their radio and their headboard banging against the wall. Gee I wonder what they were doing?! Seriously! No respect I tell you! Anyways I'm gonna try and get back to sleep.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Road Trip

OK, so here is my bus adventure from last summer. I have it written down in my journal at home, so this is from memory. I will try my best to remember it all.. Here it goes:
OK it started off by the bus leaving here being 30 min late. Once on the bus it wasn't so bad, till we got to St. Louis. When I got there I was off by myself sitting, waiting for the connecting bus to arrive and got hit on be some guy, who was getting on the same bus I was waiting for. He wanted me to sit with him.. Uh, no! So I made sure I was at the back of the line and , well, by doing that I didn't get to get on the bus at all! They over booked it or whatever and did not have another bus going my way until morning. So me and one other person had to sit there for like 5 or 6 hours waiting.. The security guard told us not to leave the station unless we wanted to get robbed or raped. Great fun. Well me and this other person, I forget what his name was, took turns watching each others luggage so we could go out and smoke. He was going to Portland Oregon, so we would be on the bus the whole way together. When we finally got on I had to sit next to this guy who, every time he fell asleep, would lean over onto my shoulder. So Portland guy joked and kept calling him my boyfriend. All through Wyoming I had no cell service, so that sucked. Some where along the line I started talking to this guy named Chris. He was cool. He was going to Salem Oregon. At one point there was this group of like 10 or 15 teenage girls getting on so Chris and I decided to sit together so we wouldn't be paired up with those girls. We were sitting in the back and the bus driver came back and said that the girls all wanted to sit together and he asked us to move. Oh we were pissed. Not just us but everyone who had to move.

But before all that, in Denver, before I meet Chris, I was still with Portland guy and because we were late leaving St. Louis, we were late getting to Denver and had to sit there for 8 hours. Well Portland guy didn't want to sleep in a station again. So me him and another chick went and got a motel room.. Portland guy and that other chick, well they hooked up. It was great fun.. really.. OK, now back to Chris and the rest of it. Somewhere in Utah we picked up this family. And WOW! They were something else! The boy was like 15 or 16 and would not shut up. He kept going on about yu-gi-oh cards! And we over heard his dad talking about how him and his son are not allowed back into Canada. What the hell do you have to do to get kicked out of a country?! Anyways, we were stopped somewhere and his dad was talking about our next stop and said it was "Only a can and a half of beer away". Now I have lived in the south for almost 6 years, and I do believe that was the most southern, white-trashy thing I have ever heard! Me and Chris were like OK.. We're getting back on the bus now bye. I also met 2 gay guys on this trip and one of them decided to throw pennies at that kid who wouldn't shut up. It didn't work.. Well finally they got off and so did one of the gay guys. I ended up sitting next to this old lady who kept talking about her cats (yes I am aware that someday that will most likely be me, that's why I talked to her..). I keep trying to give Chris and Max (that is the gay guy) a look for help, but they didn't notice. Max was to busy trying to talk a guy into being his nanny. Max told Chris and me that he wanted to keep us.. =) Well we finally made it to Portland. I was bout 7 hours behind, but made it. My mom picked me up there instead of me having to endure the bus ride to Eugene. We almost didn't make in time for me to catch that bus anyways. I don't remember the trip back, which means it was uneventful.. oh well.. That's just one of my many Adventures! I have a few more from train trips many years ago!! But another time maybe..