Friday, December 05, 2008

Book Review?

Who me?
Write a book review?
Yup you heard right! Well its kinda a book review and kinda me going off topic like always and I'm sure I contradict myself a few times.. oh well..
Among the plethora (Ha! I used a big word) of things I write about, books are not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I love to read. I read too much, yet I don't read enough. As you can see, I have a stack of books on my night stand that's about to topple over..

I went to the library today to return some books and walked out with 5 more. I say all this because the fact is I have never considered sharing with anyone a review on a book or, much less talk about it. But this book got me thinking ( a sign of a good book, if ya ask me).

Good Grief, by Lolly Winston.

This is the second book I have read by this author. This book is her first novel and tells the story of a young woman who was widowed after only 3 years of marriage. Her journey through the grief process is tragic, yet humorous at the same time.

This book got me thinking about the loss in my life and how I would feel if I lost my husband.

Almost 2 years ago, I lost my father. He died of cancer. I had a very short grief period when he died. I feel like a horrible person, because I didn't grieve longer. I cried of course when I found out he had passed. I had a melt down at the airport on the way to his memorial service, which led me to start drinking at the airport bar at 9 in the morning and crying on the plane(luckily I had the seats to myself). That was it. There was no more grief. Yes, occasionally I will get teary eyed when I hear my dads poetry on my ipod, or a song that reminds me of him, but that's it.

I'm afraid that if I ever lost my husband I would do the same thing. I know we have not been married for a year yet, and we've only been together for 2 years. That's just not enough time with someone..
I have a somewhat flighty personality, I can't stay mad at anyone for more than an hour even if they really do me wrong. I just shrug things off, and I'm afraid that's what I did with my dad's death and I'm afraid that's what I would do if I ever lost my husband.
I'm also afraid I might go the complete opposite way and lose myself in the depression I was wallowing in before I met my husband. Before we met, in my deepest depression, I would watch TV shows on DVD. Shows I have seen hundreds of times. I would sit there and watch whole seasons in one sitting, or until I fell asleep. My couch was very small and hard to curl up on, so I would drag my mattress off my bed, bring it out to the living room and sleep there, or not sleep. It seemed I couldn't sleep anymore..
Anyways, I'm getting off subject here. The character in the book found the strength to get through. I don't think I would be able to find the strength..
I loved this book. It showed me that its okay to be a bit crazy when struggling with grief and that life will get better one day at a time.
Sorry this post is kinda long..
I hope you liked my review and go out and read this book.

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