Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I finally found my motivation to put up my Christmas decorations..

I had been waiting for my husband to crawl up into the scary, dark attic get the tree down for me. Guess who had to go and get it? Yup that's right, ME. I finally realized Christmas would be over by the time my husband did it for me, so I found my motivation in the encouraging words that Sandy, Lisa, and Anna left on my Laziness post.

Did I mention it was dark and scary?

Plus the last time I was in an attic, I fell through.. Yup. Okay, so I didn't fall all the way through. I got caught on a wire, but still, it was scary!
So, I get the tree, and well, go figure its a two man job. I had to drop the tree from the top of the attic stairs. Luckily its just a tree and not breakable..

So my tree is now up and fully decorated.

As you can see there is a train going around my tree. My husband is a big train fanatic. When we saw this tree train last year at Lowe's, we just had to buy it.

I put up our stockings, in a temporary spot. My husband is going to build me a mantel.

Once the mantel is built I can place our stockings on it, along with other Christmas decoration goodies.

As soon as I'm done decorating I will post more pictures.


Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the train on your Christmas tree!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I l♥ve it! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

Sandy said...

YEIH...I am so happy that I motivated you to decorate. Can't wait to see more pictures.
I know how it feels to wait for hubby...then it's left up to us to do it. Men...what would we do without them...LOL

lisaschaos said...

Oh my grandson would love your tree! He is SO into trains right now. :) It looks lovely! Love the color of your walls too. :)

laurie said...

wow, the little train track around the tree is great. i've never seen anything like it.

Lori said...

That train tree is so cool!! Great idea! Merry SITSmas! :)

Becca Watson said...

Thanks all. I love my tree and the tree train =)

Alexia said...

You are very creative..! I love the train on your Christmas tree.