Thursday, February 19, 2009

What do you give a sick Gorilla?

A Whopper with cheese, large fry, and a 6 pack of Guinness of course!

Today, one of the animal trainers/food givers (I'm not sure what he does exactly..) came in to pick up a call in order of a Whopper with cheese and a large fry. My supervisor asked if he wanted everything on it. He had to check with someone else, turns out the Whopper was not for him. Neither were the fries.

He then told us that the food was for one of the sick Gorilla's. The Gorilla will only take medicine if its hidden in the Whopper, and of course you have to have fries with that.. I'm not exactly sure what the beer is for, I guess to wash down the medicine Whopper and fries?

We asked if the Gorilla liked a certain kind of beer and were told he will only drink Guinness..

Crazy huh? We were assured that the food was not for nutritional value, they do have a proper diet.


AndreaLeigh said...

that is... crazy. lol.

Michelle said...

'Not for nutritional value' HAHAHA - too funny.