Friday, February 06, 2009

A Message From Ford

Ford, or Kitty as we call him, wanted me to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments he received on Wordless Wednesday.

He would like to share with you all, a video, of him playing fetch. How many of you out there can say your cat plays fetch? Yup that's right, we have one special cat!!

Now if only I could get that dang video to load.. Anyone out there have any tips on loading video's?

Well it looks like your just going to have to deal with some more photo's of Kitty, er Ford.

He like's to lay on us when we're on the couch. He's very spoiled, because we let him lay wherever he wants on us..
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


DiPaola Momma said...

Oh you've got to get it loaded.. that way Sonny can watch!

Becca Watson said...

I will keep trying to get it posted. I promise!!

Sandy said...

Such a cute Kitty!
I would love to have one but hubby is highly allergic to them. So we keep my mini-poodle :)

Thanks for dropping by over at my blog...we are having fun with the 12 Day's of Valentines. The girls have tomorrow night all planned out. It's Family Movie night with Pop and Popcorn. So the girls are really looking forward to it.
It's so fun watching them.

Have a great weekend...