Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Cocktail

This week I'm featuring another great artist from back in the day. I was in high school when this guy came around. I fell in love with his deep, sexy, bluesy voice not to mention his hotness.. Can you believe he was only 17 when this was recorded? I remember reading an article in Seventeen (I think, it was sooo long ago..) Magazine about him and how he would perform on stage barefoot. I thought he was so cool for doing that.. I'm glad to see he is still out there making music! He will be coming to our area soon, I may have to talk the hubby into taking me!!
The song I have below is from his first album (he recorded it when he was 17). I love that album to death. I wish I could of found the video to Matchbox or Still Rainin' but this will have to do. They are all great songs! There was a live version of this song I thought about playing for you all, but it was done more recently, I want you all to experiance Johnny Lang at 17.

Johnny Lang

Johnny when he was just a young lad at 17.

Johnny all grown up!! He's even hotter now!!


Michelle said...

Is he still singing then? That's interesting.

Lori said...

Becca, please stop by my blog for an award♥ :)

DiPaola Momma said...

How the heck did he get so freaking cute in just a few short years.. AND how the hell did I get so freakin' OLD in just a few short years.. Today is J. Giles' birthday.. We old folks can remember "Angel is a Center Fold" .. the kicker here he is like 63 Farging years old and in HUMAN years NOT DOG YEARS! Dam dam dam.. I need me a drink and some botox! Giving you your daily clicky wub to babe:D Now I'm off to get me something for my room-ah-tiz-him

Lisa said...

He's great. And what a voice!!