Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Baking

My oatmeal raisin cookies were in such high demand, that I am being forced to make more, including some without raisins..

I am also making Carmelitas. You can get the recipe from Tanya at Sunday baker.

The first picture is mine, the second one is from Tanya's blog. Hers turned out better than min..

It's taco night, here at the Watson household. We love taco night. I usually eat about 2 taco's the hubby stuffs 3 or more down and we still have tons leftover! I'm stuffed, but I can't wait to try the carmelitas! I'm still waiting for it to cool..

I'm thinking about making pizza tomorrow night or the next night, another recipe by Tanya at Sunday Baker

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Lori said...

Mmmm... tacos! :) I bought the shells tonight, now to buy the fixings! I did make chili tonight for tomorrow's supper. Save me one of those carmelitas :)