Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Icy Weather

Yesterday we got to experience icy rain. It was in the low 30's and raining. I got a few pictures of the trees out front, they were covered in ice.

Around 5 the power went out. I was opening up the blinds, when I noticed this.

My beloved climbing tree. It had so much ice on it that it was being weighed down. As you can see, its touching the ground and our porch roof.

We spent the night with the lantern lit, playing games and reading. It was actually a very enjoyable evening.

My poor tree though.. It's all back to normal now except for a branch that the dog tore down..


*green*cat* said...

wow... the trees look amazing. icicle leaves!

Lisa said...

My goodness you did get hit by ice. I have to admit it is pretty to look at. But it's pretty destructive too. Isn't cozy to be stuck in?

Becca Watson said...

The ice definetly made for pretty pictures. It was very cozy cuddling with my hubby under piles of blankets..

PAT said...

When we have an ice storm, it really makes me glad J is retired and doesn't have to go out and work the power lines anymore! I think there were some slick roads at home yesterday. My daughter works for the school district and noted she had the day off. Nothing here at the lake though.

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by :)
I ♥ your icicle tree