Friday, January 09, 2009

Pantry Challange-Day 1

Here is my pantry.

My fridge. And yes, this is before cleaning it out. We have nothing in the freezer. That carton of sherbet has been there since god knows when..

Last but not least, the cupboard above the stove.

I had planned on making this awhile ago, but never got around to it.

Overnight apple cinnamon oatmeal

I've also had this sitting in the cupboard waiting to be made.

This made for a wonderful breakfast!

Here is what I found in my pantry/fridge/cupboard:

Half a bag of egg noodles

A million cans of beans. Baked beans, ranch style beans, you name it we have it.

Lasagna noodles

12 cup-o-noodles

1 box shells and cheese

Left over split pea soup

Leftover ham

Cranberry bread mix

A few rice meals

5 Hamburger helper's


And a few other little things, but this is the majority of it and what I will be using the next few days.


Michelle said...

Ooh, that apple cinnamon oatmeal looks nice. I need to start making some hot breakfasts for the boys. Poor things live on dry cereal every morning.

Becca Watson said...

It is very yummy! I plan on posting the recipe later if you want it..

*green*cat* said...

yumm.. the apple cinnamon oatmeal does look really good!
so does the bread :-)

Lori said...

Hey Becca, I nominated you to "pay it forward" to a friend at a giveaway at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom (
It is a Whoo Hoo in a box giveaway ♥ Good Luck! :)

Lisa said...

Oatmeal does look very good. So does the bread. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much for the birthday ideas. I appreciate your visits!!

Lori said...

I hope you have a GREAT weekend too! We just got a ton of snow here so after all of the shoveling, maybe we could go sledding :)