Monday, January 12, 2009

Junior Tribute

Here's Junior sleeping in a hole she dug.
Sleeping in the yard.

After many long discussions, we have decided that we need to give Junior away. We love her and she is a good dog, but we can't keep her in the house, because she chews on the furniture. We can't keep her outside, she chews up everything out there, and she digs so many holes, not to mention letting Scooter into the yard. I really hate giving up an animal. I love all animals and would bring home every stray, if I could.
I wish we didn't have to do this, but we have no other choice. We have tried punishing her. Keeping her out when she's been bad inside, but that doesn't work. She just tears stuff outside.

I love you Junior and I'm sorry, but there is a better home out there for you.

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Lori said...

That was a nice tribute♥
I love the bottom pic :)