Saturday, November 08, 2008

Garage Sales and Around Town

It's such a beautiful day, in our little town, that my husband and I decided to do some garage selling today. We headed out around 7 this morning, after stopping for coffee and gas, it was more like 7:30. We stopped at many garage sales without buying anything, which defeats the purpose if you ask me.. Finally we found the cute turkey, give thanks, door hanger, and then had more luck when we found the snowman and books. Not pictured are some books I found on wedding planning (for my sister). The other pictures are from things we have found at Hobby Lobby. I plan to put some more of that leafy garland around the front door. We like Hobby Lobby.. I did have a cute little scarecrow and some crows out on the front porch, but some how our dog got a hold of them, so alas, they are no more.
We are steadily exploring this new town of ours, and today we came across this gorgeous house!
I wish I had been able to take better pictures of it, I was too chicken to get out of the car to take the pictures..


Michelle said...

I love garage sales. They don't really do them around here which just makes me sad!

becca watson said...

That sucks! They seem to be garage sale crazy around here..