Sunday, November 09, 2008

Favorite Things

I had mentioned in an earlier post, about finding new blogs to read. As I was perusing, Lisa over at Cranberry Flats ,earlier posts, I was inspired to do my own Favorite Things post. I have lots and lots of favorite things, my hubby, my Eeyore collection, the fall season and winter, my new finds from the garage sale and hobby lobby, our new house, my ipod, and many many more. I figured I would narrow it down to one and do a feature on that one favorite thing. I chose our new house.

I met and married my husband, of going on 8 months, in Arkansas. We lived in the NE corner of Arkansas, just below the boothill of Missouri. My husband is originally from St. Louis, and I from Oregon. I had been living in Arkansas for nearly 8 years and only knew the flat cotton field, rice field parts. I never knew there were pretty parts of Arkansas till my husband showed me. We ended up getting married in Eureka Springs, which is a very very pretty area (there is more on the wedding in a previous post). Anyways, moving on, my husband and I decided it was time to leave Arkansas for good.

We loved the idea of moving to Oregon, but knew it would be to expensive for us, or to move to North Carolina or some place that would be a fresh, new start for both of us. We were still undecided, when a job offer from Texas came in. We both have previously lived in parts of Texas, albeit I only lived there for 6 months, while my hubby had a few years under his belt. Also, we both have family in Texas, so, we moved to Texas. We live in a town that is just south of Fort Worth.

Our new house is one of my favorite things for a few reasons, one, its like a fresh start in our marriage. The house we had before my husband bought before we met, so it was his house, not ours. Two, this is my first ever home, outside of my mothers house. My husband told me I'm nesting. Which he assures me is a good thing.. I'm trying to make the house ours, you know?
The house is just over 2,000 sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The back yard is half an acre and has the best climbing tree (for our future children). The previous owners had done a lot of remodels, so the house looks great the way it is, but my husband is a very handy man (he did all the renovations in our old house) and has plans on changing a few things to make it our house. This was the first house we looked at, and we fell in love with it at first sight.

Above is a collage of the living room and a close up of the front door. We plan on painting the living room a grayish blue. I love how open everything is. All the pass throughs..

Here is our dinning room, we have yet to get a table. We have one of those bar height bistro type tables, you can kind of see it on the bottom left. It gets used mostly to hold junk and the cat food. We use the chairs for it at the breakfast bar. There use to be a ceiling fan light, but we took it down and put up a chandelier of candles and a pendant light hanging down in the middle.

Here is a better view of the breakfast bar. You can see into the kitchen as well. Around the corner next to the fridge is our laundry room. We added the pendant lights above the breakfast bar.

This room, we are not quite sure what to do with yet. It is located right off the dinning room, and was once the back patio. We are contemplating putting a breakfast nook in the right hand corner, and maybe a bar on the left side, concealing the doggy door. Ford, our kitty, is hoping I'll let him outside..
This is our master bedroom. The picture doesn't do it justice. it's much bigger. Off to the left is our master bathroom.
This is the master bathroom. We plan to update the vanity and tub. The shower is wonderful!
I love the guest bathroom. The angle of the tub is awesome. The only thing we want to change in here is to update the vanity and possibly change the tub and add a shower head. And the mirrors! There are way to many!

Well, that concludes the tour of our new home. I didn't take and pictures of the guest bedrooms because that is where we are storing all the stuff we have not unpacked yet, or don't know what to do with. So they are kinda messy at the moment..

I hope you enjoyed the tour of one of my favorite things.

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