Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day with my husband

I got to spend a wonderful day with my husband on Wednesday. Usually he only has the weekends off, but Wednesday I got a full day with him!

We started the day off with my husband making banana pecan pancakes, which were very delicious! After wich we hung out around the house for a while, then went exploring our town a bit more. We got to check out the library, I got 3 more books to add to the already long booklist I have.

Here is our library.

We checked out a few of the local antique stores, where I found this cute laundry room sign. I also got a little scarecrow man, he is pictured in an earlier post. I also got a cake plate and lid, I will use this in a picture next week, so keep checking in..

We had a very filling dinner at this really cute local resturaunt. Followed by coffee at J. J. Mocha's

All of this was located in the old town area of the city we live in. Its a really neat place when you have the chance to explore it. There are a few more resturaunts and stores we would like to explore.

We ended our lovely day with a wine tasting at a local wine store

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laurie said...

yum--food, shopping, coffee, nice weather, books....what more could you want on a day off?