Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last days of school

It is so hot outside! We are having a field day. The school rented a bunch of those moon bounce things. We had one that is a maze, then there was an obstacle course and a slide and of course the classic moon bounce.. We have been outside all day! It's like 90 something degrees out there. I think all the kids are melting. They are all ready to go inside. There are still a few trying to beat the heat and keep playing, but most have found a shady spot to sit in. I think I burnt my shoulders. I would of worn shorts today, but I didn't think I should scare the children(I have not shaved in like a month..). So yeah, it's been great fun today. Tomorrow is our last day of school. 2 weeks after that I will be headed for summer camp. At least I have 2 weeks off before I have to go to camp! =) I just realized how sticky my hands are. The kids had freezer pops and I was cutting the ends off for them. The scissors got real sticky, thus, so did my hand. Anyways, that's all for now.


Michelle said...

Oh my god, I love those bouncy castle thingys! And you have to go to summer camp? Aren't you a little old for summer camp? :)

becca deedon said...

yeah thats what I said!