Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Camp

Well, the first week of summer camp went great. I picked up a lot more signs and by the end of the week was more open about signing while speaking. I think my kid picked up a few more signs as well. I know he had a blast. We both did! There was this little boy there, his name is Umer, He was such a cutie! He was always walking around with this scowl on his face, so when he would look at me I would tell him to smile and he would say no, but in the end I would bug him enough to get a smile out of him. There was also this guy named Donald. He works in the dorm (watches over the boys for most of the day and evenings). When I first met him I thought oh wow, he's really kinda cute. But then I thought there's no way he would ever like me. I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with him( he's deaf). So I spent most of my week drooling over Donald. I'll try to keep updating during the week. I found out there is a computer in the dorms I can use.

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