Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lunch and Summer Camp

We had a luncheon today for all the teachers. We went to a mexican restaurant in the next town over. It was great fun! I ended up sitting in a corner by myself. No one would talk to me or even look at me. Well what did I expect? They don't talk to me in school, why would they talk to me outside of school? I had a 3 hour meeting yesterday for my kid. I will be attending summer camp with him for 3 weeks at the deaf school. Thats like 3 hours away.. Of course it had to be during the time I planned on going to see my dad. So I said thats fine I can change that around. Then my Supervisor said that I need to work with my kid after we get back from camp. She wants me to work with him all summer. Where the hell is my vacation? I know I don't work like supper hard or anything, but still I need a vacation! I already had plans. In June I was going to see dad and either July or August I was going to see mom. Now I can't do either!

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