Thursday, March 01, 2007

Road Trip

Ok, well I don't have anything new to add.. I'm suppose to be cleaning my room, and don't want to, so I figured I could write something.. I guess I can write more details about my short trip cross country. Well, I left here pretty late it like 10:30 when I finally hit the road. Its like 8 or 9 hours to dallas from where I live. I was making good time though. It was about 4 when I pulled over in Sulpher Springs. I only had 80 more miles to go. When the tow truck guy got to me it was a little after 5 and the shop was closed for the night so I had to stay in Sulper Springs. The tow truck guy took me to a motel and then dove off with my truck. I had like 52 dollars left and the motel room was 52 dollars.. So I had nothing left. My mom freaked out and called the motel to see if she could put it on her credit card and give me my cash back. The guy was really nice and I was able to get my money back. Let me tell you about this motel.. There were people coming and going all night long and there was free porn on the T.V. I found incense sticks in one of the drawers. Thats how crappy this place was.. So the next morning the shop people came and got me around 11:30. They said my truck was fixed. When I drove out of that place it still sounded like it did when I pulled over the day before. So I really don't think they did anything to it.. I headed to Dallas and got there around 1 or so, after geting lost a few times. My sister and I were going to head out that night, but she was worried about the noise my truck was making, so she had her boyfriends mechanic look at it. He said don't drive it. It is very dangerous. He was going to come back the next day to see if he could fix it. My mom was rather upset when we told her we would be leaving the next day. She had our whole trip planned out for us.. When we called our dad to tell him we were delayed a bit he was just like " ok. You gonna be here by friday?" My parents are nothing alike! Dad was all la de da and mom was Uh SIGH. You could hear her aggitation in her sigh. Great fun really. But the next day when the mechanic came back and told us there was too much damage or whatever mom got a little better, cuz now she knew there was nothing we could do about it. So yeah my truck is gone and now I have no car.. On thursday my sister drove me back to Arkansas. We stayed in Little Rock for the night and got to Blytheville aroung 6 friday night. I had a good time with my sis and hopefully someday we can have the road trip we planned! I bout 4 disposable cameras to use on our trip. I don't know what to do with them now.. I brought one to St. Louis, but ended up only taking one picture of the Arch. Well anyways, I better go get a move on cleaning my room..

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