Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitty Playing Fetch

I have been such a sucky blogger lately.. This being out of work has drug me down. I spent most of today playing catch up on my blog list and leaving comments. I am still having problems leaving comments one one blog! I feel so bad because I always comment on her blog and now I can't. So Lori over at Time of Your Life, I'm so sorry I have not left you any comments as of late. For some reason its not letting me..

I have also been a slacker in posting on my own blog! I keep meaning to post about the carrot cake I baked last weekend but I haven't felt like taking the time to do it.. Of course the only picture I have to go with my carrot cake post is of a half eaten carrot cake. It was torn into and half eaten before I could get my camera and take a picture of it.. I should take that as a compliment right? Anyways, I'm going to include the picture of my carrot cake in this post.. ha see below!

Also I have been meaning to post this video of our cat Ford, or Kitty, playing fetch. I have tried posting it before, but could never get the video to load right. So cross your finger and hope it loads right today, because its hilarious! Our cat plays fetch like a dog. I have NEVER in all my years of owning a cat, seen a cat do this..


In other news, I had my doctors appointment on Wednesday and my doctor is now scheduling me for an MRI. I go in next Tuesday for that. He said that the problem could be in my neck and not my shoulder and he wants to get a better look at both my neck and shoulder and said the x-rays would not show enough detail. Fun stuff..


Shauna said...

L♥ve and Hugs to you my precious friend :)

Melba said...

OK the cat playing fetch was he actually purring? I thought it was funny when my basset hound played fetch with my jack Russell (she really doesn't get the concept,) but this is great!