Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around the Zoo

I got the chance to walk around my Zoo this past Saturday and thought I would share some of the pictures I took.

These Flamingo's are right outside my building.

One of the baby lion cubs. He's not so little anymore...

You can hear this guy roaring all the way down into the building I work in. He is a ways away from us, so that's a loud roar!!

Sleeping bear!

Pretty waterfall in the tiger cage

How sweet! Pretty Kitty's!!

My husband has decided to start his own business, building bunk beds. I think he will be happier doing this, then with what he was doing before. He's out in his garage now, building his first bed..

Also I am temporarily out of work.. I have a on going shoulder problem that I had surgery on 3 years ago. I have trouble lifting my right arm, or using it at all. It hurts all the time, but I have learned to live with that pain, but there are days when its unbearable. Pain will shoot down my arm, up my neck and down my back. This last Friday was one of those days. I got sent home from work, and was told not to come back until I have a doctors release. The only appointment I could get is for next week. In the previous surgery the doctor cut 1/4 inch of my collar bone off in hopes that that would fix my shoulder. It didn't. It still hurts. I'm not sure if it got better or worse.. I was told my condition was called impingement syndrome, where there is not enough room in between my shoulder bone and collar bone, so they are rubbing and pinching together.

In other news, I was asked what the husband planted in the garden. I'm not really sure. I know he put in some cucumbers, and herbs, and carrots and he put corn somewhere. Other than that I'm not sure what he planted, and he doesn't remember. So, its a surprise!

Also, I am having trouble posting comments on some blogs out there, including my own. So If I was a regular commenter on your blog and have stopped commenting, this is why. I'm sorry. I want to leave comments, but I can't..
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!


DiPaola Momma said...

You do realize you have a WAY cool job.. well if you could just get rid of the humans;0}

Becca Watson said...

Yeah, I love it! I hope I can get back to it soon!!!

Seems I might have fixed the problem on being able to comment on my own post, at least..

Lori said...

Love the zoo pictures!
Makes me want to take the kiddos♥

Shauna said...

Awesome :)

Michelle said...

I love the zoo photos. Especially the tigers, I love tigers.

Hope you're feeling better soon! Sounds incredibly painful!

Julia said...

Looks like a great outing! Hope the tiger cage is tiger proof, not like the one in S.F. And that squirrel in the first post...all squirrels are naughty in my book. I hope it was not in your back yard.