Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend fun and a new family member

Yea! look at me go! 3 blogs in 3 days!

So I thought I could start blogging about what we do on Sundays. Since We moved to Texas we are only about 45 min away from where my sister lives. So she has been coming over every Sunday. When she gets here we have pancakes and then do something fun. This last week we went to the Ripley's belive it or not place and the wax museum. It was pretty cool. The wax museum was really neat. I of course forgot my camera.. sorry..

The week before my sis and I made halloween cookies. I've been on a baking kick lately. So mostly is was me doing all the baking and my sis sitting there talking to me. It was fun decorating the cookies and I hope this is a tradtion I can carry on with my kids someday.
I can't remeber what we did the week before that..

Did I mention before that we got a cat? Well we adopted a kitten. he is about 6 months old and his name is Ford. Ford is the name they had given him, we have not come up with another name so we're sticking with Ford. He is very friendly and loves to pur. The dog didn't like the cat at first, but they are getting along just fine now. The dog likes to run off with Ford's toys. Oh by the way our dogs name is Ali Junior. She is named after her mother, we just call her junior.
Well thats really all I have for now..

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