Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sticky dog

We've been doing testing all week. Great fun! Because my kid is so special we get to go to another room and take his test. Wich means we will be done a day earlier then the rest (we spent more time each day on it) so whoo hoo! We also get to have a 4 day weekend this week. Yea! I so didn't want to get out of bed today. I almost over slept, but my dog woke me up. I heard him out in the living room destroying my stuff. He started to eat my CD case. I stopped him before he could eat any of the CD's. Yesterday when I got home he had torn up one of my sign books ( it really belongs to the school, can't return it now..), got into my candy stash and ate 5 of the tootsie roll pops I had. I know he did too.. I had to pick the evidence out of his fur! His paws are so sticky and I have no way of giving him a bath. He is to big for my kitchen sink and I have no bathtub. I guess he stays sticky till the next time we go to Blythevile. Hey, maybe he will attract ants and they will carry him off? One amusing story about the mutt is on Monday the dumb dog got his head stuck in my toilet. Hee Hee! Dumb dog!
Anyways I was going to post some pictures of my babies ( the kittens). I took a few pictures of them last night, but they wern't very good.. I cut their heads off.. I'll try again tonight.. Well I guess I better go.

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