Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vegas Baby!

I was going through some of my pictures last night, when I found the ones from my Vegas trip.
I went to Las Vegas with my dad for spring break when I was 16. My dad being real into poetry and what not, we went there for a week long poetry jam. It was great fun. On the train from Oregon to Cali I meet 2 teenagers about my age that were going to Cali for their spring break. We had the whole bottom car of the train to ourselves. They brought tequila. That was the first time I ever got drunk. It was bad.. Anyways the guy on the left was at the poetry jam and I had this huge crush on him. All I know about him is his name ( wich I won't tell) and that he lives in Canada. Once we were in Vegas I ended up sharing a Hotel room with 2 people I didn't know, Greg and Zoe. I don't really remeber why.. But Greg and Zoe were cool, I liked them. Infact me and Zoe kept in touch for a while.. Greg, Zoe, That guy above myself and a few others took a day trip to see the Red Rocks. Let me tell ya, they are red and they are rocks. Really no point in seeing them unless you have a fetish for rocks.. But on the way there some of the guy's decided they wanted to smoke some pot. I didn't really care, but Zoe got all kinds of mad. Then she told my dad that they smoked infront of me and he got all kinds of mad. Well that night Greg and I went to get some food. No one else was around, so it was just us. I had to ask my daddy's permission first of course. Wouldn't want to send me out on the strip, with a guy who smoke pot now would he? Let's forget the fact that I'm sharing a room with the guy. But anyways We talked and stuff. He apologized, I said I didn't really care. When I pulle dout a cig he was like OMG! you smoke and I was like OMG you want one? Everything was cool after that.
The other picture is of a really awesome store. It's called the Attic and they sell vintage everything. That store was so cool. Infact if I ever go back to Vegas it will be so I can shop there!! Well that and the fact that I'm now old enough to walk around in a casino by myself is a plus. Well anyways that was my trip to Vegas. I'm sure I left some stuff out.. This is everything that stood out enough in my mind to remeber..


Michelle said...

I love all the new visual aids! Did I ever tell you about the time I got high and got stuck in this weird circle thing but prevented me from speaking? That was odd.

becca deedon said...

No ya didn't tell me that. The first time I got high was on a train too.. Alot of first on my train trips..

becca deedon said...

as for the pictures, I get bored at school and thought it would be fun to add some life to this thing..