Thursday, April 13, 2006

Arbor Day

Today my school celebrated Arbor Day. Smokey Bear came out for all the kids to see. He gave everyone of them a hug. A group of kids in my class pushed me in to his arms. So today I got a hug from Smokey Bear. After everyone was done hugging the guy in the bear suit we all went out and planted some trees. Did I mention it is really hot today? So yeah while we were waiting for our class to plant their tree I noticed a guy that I didn't see earlier in the assembly (he must of been the guy in the bear outfit) who looked like someone I knew a few years ago. I didn't think it was possible since I don't know anyone in this part of Arkansas except for my 2 friends. Well I was right. It was Cameron, who I worked with at Burger King like 4 years ago. Last time I saw him I had just moved to Stuttgart and was working for KFC. I spent the night at a fellow KFC employee's house in Cabot. When I woke up Cameron was standing over me. Weird. We use to hang out all the time.. He was at my school because he is now a park ranger guy for this area. He lives about an hour from where I live. It was very weird seeing him here.. It's been a long time since I have seen any of my old Burger King friends..

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