Thursday, July 01, 2010

Changes are a Coming!

In 6Th grade, I met this girl who I absolutely could not stand. Her name is Teresa. We shared many classes together over the years, and by the time we hit the 8Th grade it seemed as though we had every class together! In our first period class we were forced to sit together for most of the year.. I would say by the middle of the year we were on track to being best buds! We also had another friend, Michelle who has a blog, here. By 9Th grade the 3 of us were inseparable.

Teresa and I in 8th Grade

The summer between 9Th and 10Th grade is my most memorable summer of all. That summer the 3 of us would spend days upon days at Teresa's house. Teresa's mom was so cool! She would take us cruising down by the university to check out hot guys and midnight trips to the coast. Her mom even sat out in a parking lot while Teresa and I were at a concert 3 hours away from home!

Michelle, Teresa, and I

But, alas the good times must come to an end right? Towards the end of the summer we learned that Teresa and her mom would be moving away! of course there were lots of letters written and visits made. I spent a few weeks with them the following summer. But as always we drifted apart some. Shortly after I left that summer Teresa found out she was pregnant. My mom and I went to visit when her daughter was a month old! And that's the last time I saw Teresa (her daughter is now 11!).

Don't get me wrong, we have stayed in contact, but have not seen each other since then. Over the years she would get a hold of my mom to get my number or address and we would be in contact again, and then drift away until the next time my mom would call and say guess who I just talked to! 2 years ago My husband and I made the trip to Oregon so he could meet the rest of my family ( we'd been married for 3 months at this point) and wouldn't you know it! not even a day after we left and got home, my mom calls and says, "Hey! There is someone here who wants to talk to you!" and knowing my mom that could be just about anybody! So she passes the phone and its Teresa. There in Oregon. A day after we left! If only she had been a day earlier or we stayed a day later I could of seen her again!

After we moved to Texas she found me on Facebook and we have been able to chat more regularly. She started to talk about family she had in Texas and moving down here to be near them. I was like well, what part of Texas??!! And when she told me my jaw just about dropped! I said,"Well, then! You better move on down here because that's the town I live in!!!!" Small world, eh?

So I am super excited! Her mom is on a plan right now on her way down here and Teresa and her kids (she has 3 now!) are driving and should be here Friday or Saturday!

Teresa and 2 of her kids

Oh and Teresa and her kids will be living with us! I am super excited to see her again but a little nervous about sharing my house with them. It's been just me and the Hub's and the kitty's for so long..


Lisa said...

What a great story. Another reason why FB can be a great thing. Friends are the best family!!

Cara said...

That's really great you were able to reconnect and generally stay in contact over the years. I'm excited for you, I'd love a chance like that with some old friends from elementary school even. :)

Lawyer Chick said...

Hey I like ur blog, its very interesting and a great read. This is a nice post, its true that when friends move away, its inevitable that friends would drift apart, though it is not impossible to keep long distance friendships alive. Its great that you and your friend will be together again :-) Good friends are hard to come by, and when you find them, well its wonderful.