Thursday, July 16, 2009

Table for One.. Please??

Since my husband has started working nights and I work all day, I only see him in passing on my way to work. By the time I get home from, he is long gone. Which means I am left to do my own thing most nights.
The other night I decided to go to IHOP for dinner. I brought my book so I could read whilst eating, and just hang out for awhile after I was done eating. When I walked in the hostess asked how many in my party. I said just one. She looked at me like I just committed the biggest social fuax puax! Of course my waiter also looked at me the same way, especially when I pulled out my book..
Is it not okay to go dine by yourself anymore? Is it that big of a deal to eat alone? Is it crazy to want to read a book while eating by yourself? They can keep looking at me like I'm crazy because I'm going to keep on reading and dining by myself!
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Michelle said...

I have no problem eating by myself. In fact, I kind of miss it. Back in Eugene (I know, 9 years ago) I'd LOVE going out to dinner and a movie by myself. I was my own best date :)