Thursday, May 07, 2009

Upcoming Events

Do you ever try and peer into an open window when you walk or drive past a home? Just for a chance glimpse into someone else's home and life? I do.. I love looking into other people's homes. Especially older homes..
I mentioned in a previous post that we are attending a Historic homes tour this Sunday. I can't wait! I love looking into other people's homes and I love historic homes as well! I promise to take tons of pictures!!
Below is just a taste of whats to come..

I also mentioned an upcoming trip to Austin, and my mother coming to visit. My mom and brother are coming down from Oregon on Monday. They will only be here for a week, and I've got our time well spent! There will be a trip to Austin, a Mothers Day dinner and of course a day spent at my Zoo!

My mom and I on my wedding day.

I can't wait for them to get here, but am dreading all the house cleaning I need to get done this weekend.. I have gotten so far behind on all the housework its not even funny, and with the home tour Sunday I only have Friday and Saturday to clean! Its a shame the little house cleaning fairies aren't real.. I could really use their help!! My mom has not been to Texas since we moved, so this will be her first time seeing our new house. I hope this time when she visits she will refrain from setting our stove on fire!
Funny story:
Last year, in October, I guess that was October of '07 (I wasn't married yet..). My mom came to visit me in Arkansas and meet my then boyfriend, now husband, for the first time. I was living with him at the time, and my mom wanted to cook us dinner. No big deal right? Mom's been cooking for ages. Yeah, cooking for ages, but not on our stove..
She was making fried chicken and our stove burners didn't sit level. So as you can imagine, an unlevel cook top, and a pan full of grease will lead to... Any guesses? Yup that's right, a fire! She will never live down setting our stove on fire.. Then there were the 2 times she cut her fingers (all in the same night no less). So after the fire, we banned her from the kitchen.
So moving on, lets all cross our fingers and hope that she 1) keeps from cutting herself and 2) can't set fire to a glass cook top!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thursday and will come back Sunday (or Monday) for pictures of some beautiful historic homes!


Michelle said...

Hope you have a great time with the house tour as well as your family visiting!

DiPaola Momma said...

I too fuss and fret over the cleaning. And then my own wise mommy said to me "I don't come to visit your house I come to visit you. When I go I won't remember how dirty or clean your house was. I'll remember your smile, warm hugs and laughing together". So stop stressing sweets. ENJOY that time and if it's really that big of a concern... splurge on a cleaning service for one day. I hate to sound not so P.C., but you're in Austin were you can find some, shall we say.. less expensive non-professional yet GREAT house cleaning help. One parting word before I go.. okay more like two or twenty. LOVE that pic of you and moms! And can I come on that house visiting trip with you? I'd let you come and go on one in DC/VA with me:-)

Becca Watson said...

DiPaola Momma- I know I know. She's coming to visit us, and really our house isn't too bad.. As for a cleaning service, I do belive thats what I will use the husband for, since he will be home all day! And of course you can come on the tour with us!! I'll go get you a ticket! I would love to see some homes in the DC/VA area as well!!!

Lisa said...

Now that's funny Since she's on vacation, maybe she just shouldn't cook. lol

Have fun on your tour and take lots of pictures. AND, have a great visit with your family!

Lori said...

Beautiful picture of you two♥ :)