Monday, August 20, 2007


Yesterday, I turned 25. My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a gift card to a bookstore. We started the day with breakfast out and a trip to the mall to spend my gift card. We ended up at the build a bear store, where I got my birthday bear. His name is Harley. It was wonderful to spend the day with my boyfriend


GSGS said...

I love that you named your bear, Harley. Reminds me of your dad's love for Harley Davidsons, and it's also my grandson's nickname (his real name is Harlan).

Sounds like a perfectly relaxing kind of summer day I would have enjoyed when I was 25 (especially the bookstore part).

I love you, Beccalyn.


Michelle said...

Sorry I didn't really remember your birthday this year. Sounds like you had a nice time though, and I love the Build-a-bears (we have two - a monkey and a rabbit)(affectionately referred to as Monkey and Rabbit, though they have actual names as well)