Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Letter to my family

My sister and I had decided that we were not going to take any legal action against the woman my dad married and his will and what not. We were going to let her have it all in exchange for a few personal items. That was until she posted this letter on her myspace page. Its a letter to my family..
Letter to the Deedon family:
If you think I didn't actually marry him for Love, it is because you are limited in your comprehension! He wanted me to have everything, we argued I thought he should give more to his children! This is why there was no new will written. To be accused of being a gold digger only shows your own motives! If that were true coudn't I have had a much wealthier man? I am a beautiful intelligent woman, DUH! He died under Marlys's care, (think about it) She stole several thousands of dollars, Donn warned me about her greed, He paid her $500 a week to come take care of him!, I didn't want to beleive it! He thought Beverly was a white trash moron, he couldn't stand her insipid limited ability for thought. I tried very hard to be kind. As for Glenn, you left your brother to die alone, obviously you "career" as a truck driver was much more important, He knew this, and realized what Marilyn went through when de was a truck driver. Oh and for your information he would have NEVER shared ME! All those siblings and children and he was left to die alone, I am shocked at this!Then you turn on me? You people couldn't even comprehend him, what he beleived in or what he stood for! I would do all that I can for his children. period end of issue! You fucked up shallow Deedons can go to hell! He is the only one that made me proud to have his name! To cut me from the family website, when he passed away shows your own shallowness! I hope you all rot in hell! I wish the best for his daughters though let me make that perfectly clear!

So, now were not sure what to do. My sister and I were both at a loss for words when we read this. I know most of what is in this letter is untrue. I'm sure its all untrue, I just don't know all the facts for some of it. Just about every other line she contradicts what she said in the line before. It was very upsetting to read..

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