Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers day is fast approaching and all I can think about is what to get my Daddy for fathers day. I want my daddy back.
The last time I saw my dad was last summer. I was only able to spend a week with him before I had to get back for work. We would take walks around his house at night and he would point out all the constellations to me. I can't remember what they are..
I feel like I'm losing bits and pieces of him everyday and I don't want to forget him. I was able to get my dad's flute which meant so much to him. I found it the other day buried under clothes on my bedroom floor. I know I'll never play his flute, I have my own, but I don't want it to be lost either. I started a scrapbook dedicated to my dad. I stopped working on it not long after I started it. I didn't know what else to put in it. I had maybe 2 pages of it done. I want to finish it so I can have something to show my kids. So they can know who there grandfather was.
Its funny, I always forgot fathers day in the past, and now I can't stop thinking about it.. The last gift I got him, I picked up at a greyhound bus station on my way out to see him. This was towards the end of July. I didn't remember until I saw the clearance items from Fathers Day.. He was so proud of that gift too. My aunt said that every time she went over to see him, he would show her and proudly say " This is what Becca got me for Fathers Day." It was a plaque that said " A Father offers shelter from the winds of life."

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