Thursday, October 26, 2006

Doctor and new job

So, OK I'm really glad I got this job. So far it has been quite lovely. Its been fun and yeah I am meeting new people. A few I wouldn't mind hanging out with outside of work.. I just hope I'm doing a good job. This always happens when I plan on moving.. I start having a life and making new friends.. Whatev! That's life I guess.. Anyways I go to the doctor again tomorrow for a check up on on my shoulder.. Good thing too, its been hurting pretty good. Guess from all the cleaning and moving around at the new job.. Anyways I should be in bed. Tomorrow is also my first day back at school this week. I had some kind of flu or something that started Monday. I tried to go to work Monday morning, but boss lady told me to go home. She didn't want to catch it.. I meant to go today, but the cold medicine I took last night kicked my ass and I didn't wake up till 2 this afternoon. So anyways I was trying to say goodnight..

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