Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shoulder problems and moving on

I finally know what is wrong with my shoulder.. Its something called Surpaspinatus Syndrome. Basically there's a space in between the top of the shoulder and your arm where they meet that is where the tendon that makes your arm move. That space on my shoulder is too narrow and it pinches my tendon every time i move my arm. So I have to find out if my insurrance will cover the MRI and a surgery.. As for everything else in my life, I went out friday by myself and I think the bartender was flirting with me. He is really cute too! So I went back on Sat night but he was not there. I stayed for a bit anyways and got hit on by a guy who didnt speak much english. Great fun. He bought me two drinks though.. I'm going back Fri night in hopes my cute guy will be there..

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